Friday, July 08, 2005

Black Hair can be Healthy

Black Hair can be Healthy: "Black hair can be healthy!
So why so much breakage and hair problems with black hair? Shan Mulford - owner of Healthy Hair plus, product formulator and hair guru answers that question for us!
I am often asked what is the difference between Caucasian, Asian and African American Hair. The answer is simple. At the root of the hair there is no significant difference. After the hair grows up from the medulla and leaves the hair then there is a big difference.
So, if there is no big difference then why are African Americans experiencing such horrible hair breakage. The answer to that is threefold!

1) How the hair treated chemically
2) What is attached to the hair
3) Diet of the individual ( most important)
All chemicals deplete hair of the sulphur bond and one of the main amino acid's' in hair called cystine. This is why your hair dresser should not colour, highlight, perm or relax your hair if it is damaged because these processes will only damage it more!

So how do you replenish hair? What can you do so that you can keep having these processes done without really damaging your hair further to the point of catastrophe.
1) It is my opinion that a hair vitamin and deep repair conditioner are the best ways to fix hair problems resulting from depletion.

I would suggest Hair Energizer Hair Vitamins and Silk Protein Conditioner, and possibly a deep treatment to jump start your healthy hair. Silk Protein is the most advanced conditioner that we know of. It actually goes to damaged parts of the hair and fills in the chinks in the armour so to speak. This is an excellent fix for existing hair. However for healthier hair growth and much stronger hair overall we suggest that you start the hair vitamins and hair energizer is second to none. all the amino acids to make the protein "


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