Saturday, July 09, 2005

Get Gorgeous Now, By Sarah Jane

Get Gorgeous Now, By Sarah Jane:
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Dear Friend,
Let me ask you a few questions... from one woman to another. Think about these questions CAREFULLY and HONESTLY...
Do you ever feel that some women are just naturally beautiful... and youre just NOT... and theres virtually nothing you can do about it?

Do you ever see an attractive woman and instantly RESENT (or even hate) her... even though she hasnt done anything wrong towards you?

Do you sometimes HIDE parts of your personality from the rest of the world... because youre too self-conscious about your looks?

Do you feel like you lack the resources and MONEY to really improve your appearance?

Do you ever feel like youre just TOO OLD to be sexy anymore?

Do you sometimes cancel your plans and avoid going out with your girlfriends... because your appearance makes you feel TOO SHY and INSECURE?

Do you ever worry that more attractive women are talking about you BEHIND YOUR BACK... and making fun of you because you arent beautiful like them?

Do you ever catch your man sneaking a glance at another woman... or... even if youve never caught him, do you somehow KNOW deep down that hes thinking or fantasizing about other women (and NOT you)?

Do you sometimes WANT to look more attractive, but DONT WANT to take it too far and look slutty?

Do you find yourself spending HOURS in front of the mirror getting ready... slaving away... only to feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable with your appearance the entire night anyway?

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