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Hair Care

Hair Care

It cannot be stressed enough how delicate some of our hair is. Chemicals, heat, mechanical manipulation i.e. combing and brushing, even the environment affects our precious strands. Therefore, healthy, great looking hair is an ongoing quest that requires more than a part-time or hobby interest. It all begins with a good hair-care regimen. Your personal regimen does not have to be rigorous or an all-consuming task, but it should consist of a good hair cut, regular trims and maintenance, proper use of tools, quality products, and an affirming attitude toward your mane. Also don�t underestimate the importance of a good diet, one that is rich in nutrients that can be found in fish, beans, poultry, fruit, vegetables and Vitamin B complex.

There is no need to rush out to buy all the products under hair-care heaven. All that is really needed is a cleanser that breaks down dirt, oil and product build-up and can easily wash them away.
As a rule of thumb, we should wash our hair at least once a week with a shampoo that is right for our own hair needs.

Please find a guide below to help in your quest:

Shampoo Glossary
Here is a list of shampoos and how they benefit & enhance your hair:

Deep-cleanser which usually concentrated detergents designed to remove waxy build-up from styling products and metallic deposits from water. This product is good for regular swimmers; as it removes chlorine and other minerals that can build up the your hair in the pool, causing damage, discolouration, and even a funny odour! However, because of heavy detergents it is a limited-use product.

has some beneficial ingredients which include Panthenol, Keratin, and Amino acids that help normalise Ph levels.

Includes ingredients such as Dimethicone, to soften the hair cuticle to make easier for styling.

Contains thickener and/or bonding ingredients that expand fine hair and give the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Many contain Selenium sulphide, Pyrithone zinc or Coal-tar; advisable for dandruff control and/or itchy tingling scalp.

Contains Humetants, which pulls moisture from the air, and benefits from other moisture giving ingredients.

Uses Protein from a variety of sources including wheat, soy, and keratin that bond with hair and smooth the outer layer of the hair.

Why spend an entire day in the salon achieving the perfect colour, in order to mistreat it and damage it a week later by washing with the wrong type of shampoo. These are revolutionary temporary colour enhancing products. With each use you will notice richer, brighter and deeper colour. A definite must for colour-treated hair or tired looking hair.
Here’s the low-down on the categories of conditioners

Coats the surface of the hair with Protein and oil and then restores moisture, increases the diameter of each strand, flattens cuticle, thus hair appears fuller & shinier. Instant conditioners also protect the hair from the artificial elements. It is superb for blow-drying, tonging, sun exposure and chemical processes.

Styling product/conditioning combination has a light watery consistency that infuses hair with moisture and offers a shiny finish. It can be used as part of your daily hair care routine.

Protein-based conditioners are designed to penetrate the cuticle and bolster the cortex. These products restore moisture and give protection to the hair shaft making it less frayed and brittle. They help to provide a source of moisture and are made specifically for dry and damaged hair. This type of conditioner is usually left on the hair for 20 or 30 minutes (often with a heating cap or under the dryer, to suck in the full benefits), then rinsed out.

Shampoos containing medication that treat psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. These help to ‘calm and soothe’ the scalp down, as these ailments arises from an inflamed, over-active problem. If symptoms persist consult a physician for help and treatment.


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