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Hair Relaxers can cause damage and breakage in black hair

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Black hair relaxers can cause less damage to the hair with the proper relaxed hair care program. Chemical Hair relaxers of any kind cause damage. It is important to know how chemical hair relaxing can be less stressful on the hair, and how growing out relaxed hair can be made faster.

Some people assume (falsely) that compared to lye hair relaxers, "no lye" hair relaxers are much safer and take the “damage” worry away from the hair. Both types of hair relaxers straighten the hair by breaking down di-sulfide (sulfur bonds) bonds in the hair.
These chemical Relaxers not only break the di-sulfide bonds in the hair but they destroy them. This is what causes the hair to become straight. Both cause damage to the hair and both can cause irritation to the scalp if not used properly. Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient. With "no lye" hair relaxers, calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate are mixed to produce guanidine hydroxide.
There are also “thio relaxers” they are made of thioglycolic Acid Salts. Namely diammonium dithiodiglycolate and or ammonium thioglycolate are the ingredients used in “thio relaxers”. Different brands will argue which has the lowest Ph, but as far as damaging the hair, all do a great job of destroying the s-bonds in the hair. The result is hair that is dry and damaged.

The best way to avoid damage in relaxing the hair is to start out with strong healthy hair. When chemicals are applied to weakened hair in the beginning, the end result is far worse than if the hair was strong to begin with. By applying chemicals to weak (damaged) hair, you can almost except the result to be a disaster.
Exotic Allure combats hair relaxer damage in many ways.
1) Exotic Allure supplies the body with massive amounts of the sulfur containing amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is the only sulfur containing amino acid and Exotic Allure has made it among the top ingredients for this reason. It helps supply the hair massive amounts of the same thing relaxers destroy in the hair…sulfur. Sulfur helps make the hair strong.
2) Exotic Allure contains MSM. MSM is an ingredient that contains massive amounts of sulfur also. By supplying the hair sulfur the hair can become strong again and when chemicals like relaxers are applied, less damage will result. Your hair will look great and feel great as a result.
3) Exotic Allure supplies the body with amino acids in a similar percent that the hair is made. We are not aware of any other hair vitamin to do this. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which create hair.
4) Exotic Allure contains a special blend of oils that will help replace the oils taken away by relaxers. The oils are great for your skin and will help add shine to your hair naturally. Exotic Allure can greatly benefit your hair if you have any type of relaxer applied to you hair. It is guaranteed to be the best hair vitamin money can buy.

How often should I have my hair relaxed?It depends on the condition of your hair and the rate of growth of your hair. Exotic Allure will add strength to regrowth and will make your hair grow at a faster rate too. This is also a benefit of this hair vitamin. Normally many people relax their hair every 6 to 8 weeks or when a half inch of new growth is visible. With Exotic Allure you may find you can you can have relaxers done more frequently because the hair will grow faster and will have added strength.
We do advise you to consult with your stylist before any relaxers are done. Only hair that is strong and healthy should be relaxed. Exotic Allure is a hair vitamin that can do just that…make your new growth strong and healthy.

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