Saturday, July 09, 2005

How To Start A Hair Salon -

How To Start A Hair Salon -:
"Who Else Wants To Know How To Start A Hair Salon In 90 Days...

Greatest Gold Mine Of 'Easy Start Your Own Hair Salon' Advice Ever Crammed Into One Product
From: Don Steele

Dear Friend,
What would it be like if you could get your Hair Salon up and running in 90 days. What if you had all the information at your fingertipsthat you need to do just that.

If thats what you want if you have dreamed of owning your own Hair Salon then this is exactly the information you have been looking for.
Heres why:
This is the only product I know of that answers the following questions:

� What do I need to do first?
� How much money do I need to start?
� What kind of Licenses and permits do I need?
� What kinds of mistakes do I need to avoid so my salon won�t fail?
� How do I pick a location?

I guarantee that when you find and secure a location. I can show you how to get your Salon open for business within 90 days.

Hi, my name is Don Steele.
� I've owned and operated Hair Salons for over 20 Years.
� I was a Franchisee
� Through trial and error, I have learned what works and what doesnt work.

Currently my wife and I own two Salons. And I own another two in a Partnership. I have been an owner of Franchise Hair Salons and for the past 14 or so years, independent Salons.
But, when I started I could find nothing detailed enough to give me the confidence I needed to start a Hair Salon on my own. So I went with a Franchise and I paid dearly for my education.

You can open a Hair Salon in 90 days on your own without a Franchiser sucking the blood out of your hide"

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How To Start A Hair Salon


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