Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Making Individual Differences a Strength in Marriage

Making Individual Differences a Strength in Marriage: "MAKING INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES A STRENGTH IN MARRIAGE
(-by Dennis & Barbara Rainee)
I'm constantly amazed by how easy it is to overlook one of the more obvious facts about men and women: They're different! Feminists and others in the recent past have worked to blur the distinctions between the sexes. But this effort is ultimately doomed because God created us male and female�different.
When this Ozark country boy married the refined city girl, our differences came out in dozens of ways. For instance, Barbara believed that grass and flowers were meant to be tamed and made to grow beautifully inside a freshly painted white picket fence. I had a philosophy I learned from my dad, who discipled me in the fine art of avoiding yard work. He would let the yard die a slow death in July, so he didn't have to mow it the rest of the summer. In turn, I believed that if God had intended for leaves to be collected, He would have had them fall in plastic bags to begin with.
Barbara and I have worked through many of our differences. Some were funny, but others weren't. And it's no coincidence that our present home sits back on a heavily forested hillside that overlooks a beautiful lake. We enjoy the sunsets, but you won't find much of a lawn. I'm trying to change, though. One summer, the children and I surprised Barbara by hauling tons of rocks to outline a trail and some flower beds.
All of us know that men and women are separated by more than basic, biological nuances. But just how different are we? After considerable research, an author named Cris Evvatt developed a general summary of male and female personality traits. Of course, these are generalizations that may only apply in degrees to any particular person, and some items on the list probably relate more to social"


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