Friday, July 08, 2005

The Real fact of Chemical relaxers revealed!

The Real fact of Chemical relaxers revealed!

I hope you are feeling beautiful today! After all you are beautiful!!
The fact is lye is just an effective hair dissolver. Read the ingredients of Drano and you'll see sodium hydroxide is listed first. Drano is the stuff you use to dissolve hair in clogged sinks!! So the reality of chemical relaxers is they are designed to break down your hair to it's weakest state so you can "smooth" the kinks out of it. Both lye (with sodium hydroxide) and no-lye (with calcium hydroxide) relaxers use similar techniques to change the hair.

Warning: This "creamy crack" is addictive. Healthy natural hair becomes the enemy. Some magic, huh? Don't you feel stupid now? I know I did when I stopped to think about it.

Have you ever stopped to think what that burning feeling on your head really means? It's chemical fire on your precious scalp and hair! It can leave your scalp with burnt patches, scales, and clumps of partially dissolved hair stuck to the head.Try to scratch at these wounds and you see blood and tender, red skin. And you wonder why you still have dandruff! The result of this repeated damage is likely to be weaker, damaged, and broken off hair that becomes hard to style (hence the everyday "ponytail" or better yet, a track of Asian hair sewn into the broken off parts).
Why do we tell ourselves we need a "break" from chemical relaxers and then hide it all in extension braids or full weaves of Asian hair? Of course, we go right back to relaxers after our "break" and the same process starts all over again. Pure genius? Or foolhardiness? You decide.

The sellers and distributors of the hair and black beauty products sure ain't complainin'. No, they're laughin all the way to the bank. So are other companies that have taken over black hair companies in order to get in on the booming business of black hair products.

Instead we are told we "need" Super strength chemicals to make our hair more "manageable" and "good". Meanwhile, those with mixed textured hair (with curl definition, more natural moisture, much looser coils - "good" hair) are given more of a choice. They can either wear their hair natural or use a curling iron or flat-iron or even a mild relaxer (for "fine, easily relaxed hair") to straighten their curls or waves. Those of us who are naturally nappy are judged by the texture of our hair and the judgment is harsh. It results in years of chemical use and abuse.

So the choice is yours, the questions many of us find ourselves asking is; "Is there an alternative?"


And say good bye to chemicals once and for all!!

Stay Beautifull,
Annieth Wollery


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