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Shampoos and Conditioners

"Shampoos and Conditioners
by Dwayne Pressley

I was surprised to learn that many of my clients did not know the difference between the various shampoos and conditioners. So, I decided to write an article that may help you determine what kind of shampoos and conditioners your hair needs, and when.

First let's discuss the fine art of shampooing (don't'd be surprised at how many of you all out there don't know much about this either).
When shampooing the hair, it is mandatory that you shampoo at least twice. The first shampoo, rids the hair of dirt, oil and other residue. On the second shampoo, you'll need less shampoo and you'll find that the shampoo lathers very well. I can't stress the importance of using the tips of your fingers to rub/massage the scalp. Lift the hair to be sure that all the shampoo is gone when you rinse. Squeeze the excess water out of the hair, then towel dry, and apply conditioner. At this point you will either rinse the conditioner out or deep condition the hair and then rinse.

Medicated shampoos are used to rid the hair of dandruff. These shampoos usually have ingredients that help clean the hair and rid the scalp of dandruff.
Thickening shampoos swell the hair shaft and makes it appear thicker, and fuller. At the same time, these shampoos help provide strength to the hair.
Moisturizing shampoos, provide moisture to the hair, helping to prevent dryness, breakage, and frizz.

Quick drying shampoos are mainly used to help speed up the drying effect. This shampoo is mainly used on clients that air dry their hair, and are always in a rush.
Combination shampoos (.ie two in one shampoo/conditioner). The best advise I can give you is avoid them at all cost. There is nothing out there that can clean, soften, strengthen, and shine the hair in one application. Shampoos and conditioners preform two separate tasks and there is no product out that does both in one application...don't waste your money. As a matter of fact if I write anymore I'd be wasting space.

Clarifying shampoos rid the hair of impurities. Any medication, drugs, ect in your hair will vanish with clarifying shampoos.
Color Enhancing shampoos keep your color (or highlights ) looking great between appointments. They also provide moisture for the hair, to prevent dryness, and breakage, and at the same time they help to keep your haircolor from fading as fast.
Neutralizing shampoos are used after relaxers have been applied to the hair. They restore the hair to its proper ph level and help to seal the cuticles.

Conditioners soften hair, help remove tangles, strengthen hair and provides a healthy shine.Leave In (thermal) conditioners help to coat the hair before direct heat is applied to the hair shaft. It serves as a buffer between the hair and the heat. Protein conditioners provide strength, and help to reconstruct damaged hair.Stimulating conditioners help moisturize hair and help revise the scalp, a must for those with dry scalp problems.Well there you have it...a not so brief class on shampoos and conditioners. For more information or helpful tips (including secrets us professionals use to grow hair) check out my ebook (it's getting excellent reviews from all of those that have read it) What Your Hairstylist Doesn't Want You To Know!

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