Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ten Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy and Happy

Ten Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy and Happy: "Ten Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy and Happy
(By Bobb & Cheryl Biehl)
The following 10 thoughts will help keep you focused on developing a healthy, happy marriage.
1. Commit 'till death do us part' �you have made a vow to God and to another much-loved human being. [Editor's note from Marriage Missions: Make the vow with each other not to let the word 'divorce' be a part of your vocabulary or even your inner thoughts or it will start eroding away at your marital relationship.]
� Dream together�look forward to things.
� Be loyal to your mate at all costs.
� Care more about what your mate thinks of you than what your friends do.
2. Develop a common spiritual commitment.
� Pray for your mate regularly.
� Pray together regularly.
� Worship together.
3. Want what is best for your lifemate.
� Focus on what's right with your mate, not what's wrong with him/her.
� Work as a team�rely on each other's strength.
� Serve your mate.
4. Spend time with model couples who have been happily married ten to twenty years longer than you.
� Develop a relationship with a personal mentor to help you when times are tough, giving you wise counsel.
� Spend time with peer couples that have healthy, happy marriages.
5. Understand that no marriage is perfect and no partner is perfect. Give grace to be different.
� No one wants to fail. Your mate is doing the best he/she can at the moment.
� Don't take all emotional explosions personally. Sometimes your mate just needs to let off steam!
� Let the relationship breathe. A couple needs time together and away. When things get tense, you may just need a few hours or days away.
6. Find time to communicate�walking on the beach, telephoning, trav"


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